We have developed this product with our world traveling friends in mind. No matter how strong our bags are, there is always a chance that our Panji Bags gets scratched, or even damaged, depending on how it is treated by airport personnel. When using the cover, you can tuck the full backpack support system in, neat and tidy. 

Our specially designed Flight Covers are made of neoprene scuba knit fabric that provides extra impact resistance and will keep your Panji Bag scratch free while in transit - for your peace of mind! 

The covers are offered in a variety of colors: Orange, Turquoise, Olive Green and Black. The brighter colors will make your bag stand out among other items on the luggage belt, while the other colors are more discreet. 

(For custom colors, please email hansa@panjibags.com)

Happy Travels
The Panji Team

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We always put a 'fragile' sticker on the outside of the Flight Cover when we check our personal Panji Bags in at airports. This further prevents the bag being tossed around when being handled. Since you never know how it will be respected in transit, better safe than sorry. Hence, we include a 'fragile' sticker for your Flight Cover too. 

Treat your Panji Bag as you would treat your Handpan: Out of sun and heat - and add the flight cover when traveling. Then you'll be stress free while adventuring! 

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For anyone looking at these... I’ve traveled several international flights (USA to Australia and USA to Indonesia) with the prototype of these and I love it. When I got my first Panji Bag, I begged and begged to buy a cover. I originally one of the first prototypes, a corduroy-style bag made by a fellow Handpan community member, but it didn’t hold up to the rigors of travel it was a lot different than these. For my trip in January, I got a prototype with a similar material to these and it has held up great and is way easier to slip on. I haven’t seen one of these final versions yet, but the material looks even stronger! I definitely wouldn’t recommend flying and checking your bag without some sort of cover. It will not only protect your beautiful Panji Bag and keep it looking nice, but it will also keep straps and buckles from getting caught in luggage conveyor belts. Ever since I started traveling the world with a backpack years ago, I have always covered my bags when checking them, mainly to keep straps from getting ripped off.

- Jeremy Arndt (www.jeremyarndt.com)

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