Josh Rivera, who tunes Handpans at Saraz, extensively researched oils, waxes and rust preventatives in 2016. After months of testing and dozens of experimental batches, he has developed Pure Sound Wax. This wax is odorless and made from all natural ingredients, none of which are petroleum based and sold in recyclable tins.

Pure Sound Wax is available in 0.5 oz tins (15-20 applications) and 1 oz tins (30-40 applications). Price includes shipping.

It requires more effort to apply the Pure Sound Wax compared to oils, because it is a wax based paste. However, it has virtually no effect on the sound of a Saraz Handpan (on which it was developed and tested) and has had great response from players of other Handpan instruments as well. Oils tested on Saraz Handpans typically shortened the sustain by about 1-2 seconds or more as well as dampened many of the higher frequencies associated with “brightness”. At least this is what Josh Rivera's research shows.

If you are a player looking for the purest sound possible, as well as a possible alternative to oils, on your Handpan instrument while still achieving rust protection, this is an amazing product. If you do not prefer the product or effect, it can be easily removed with rubbing alcohol.

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