•  Imagine a material as strong and lightweight as Kevlar and Carbon Fiber - but eco-friendly  

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We focus on harnessing the natural strength of Basalt, one of the most readily available minerals on our planet. We believe that by using this natural resource and ancient material in cutting edge ways, we can seriously reduce the use of plastics and carbon fibers. 

Pulverized, made into fibers, woven into fabrics, infused with bio-resins. Basalt has the potential to be made into a myriad of different shapes, with an end product looking very similar to Carbon Fiber. Classic, stylish, strong and reliable.

'Comprised of single-ingredient raw material melt, basalt fibers are superior to other fibers in terms of thermal stability, heat and sound insulation properties, vibration resistance and durability. Sustainable Basalt fiber is also a renewable alternative to metal-building materials.' - Basalt Today 

basalt weave


Eco-friendly Properties:  Natural source + low impact production + zero waste manufacturing

Protective Qualities:  High corrosion + fungi + thermal + chemical resistance   

Mechanical Strengths:  High impact resistance + load capacity + tensile strength

Final Product:  Unique properties + long life span + high quality 


Basalt : black with a golden hue



    ALL  •  FLAX  •  PAPER

    Panji has 'patent pending' on this unique formula of combined materials.

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