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Because we think global, act local. 

Be the change you wish to see - and others will follow. 
We gather cardboard and paper from families and businesses in our community, to recycle and repurpose these materials our production processes. We hope to improve the existing recycling system and inspire the next generation to think and act 'full circle' when using and re-using materials. Everything counts. 

Because we make each choice conscious.

Be aware of Mother Earth - honor, enjoy and explore.
We are constantly trying to improve the options available in regards to eco-friendly. With each dollar we spend on materials as a company, we create demand and thus help expand the market of eco-friendly goods and materials. As the market changes, so will our eco-friendly offerings. It matters.

Because our bags are kind to your spine. 

The ergonomic design protects your back + your instrument. 
We are travelers, handpan owners, and nature lovers. Hence, we have developed a bag that suits the lifestyle of an active person who likes to bring their handpan places. Durability, functionality and comfort have been guiding stars in the development of our bags - seen in features like the ergonomic ridge back design and the specially designed backpack support system. Treat yourself royally.


Because we pay it forward. 

Take the opportunity to support local initiatives - just because.
Each foam cover that we sell provides food and shelter for animals in need. The shelter is run by a local non-profit organization that do amazing work, which we are proud to support. So, when you treat yourself, you're actually giving to the animals also.
Thank you. 

Because we are grassroots with global visions.

Empower local businesses, artisans, and the local economy - to strengthen the whole. 
We believe that with our business we have an important role to play, supporting the local economy and its various participants, while serving a global demand for alternative hardshell bags. We contract local businesses and artisans as much as possible, and hope to expand this mission as we go. Support your neighbor.