This film features PANJI BAGS : The Rope Bag & The Busker Bag 

Three months after creating our first round of prototypes, we decided it was time
to take them for a little test ride. They handled the snow very well, and the Handpan
came back home in perfect condition. As everyone who owns a Handpan knows,
they can be pretty heavy to carry around, so the hip belt really helped distribute
the weight nicely. The camera tripod fit nicely on the additional straps. If you look
closely at The Rope Bag, the tripod is mounted under the bottom of the shell.
We were testing different ways of carrying gear like Buskers would do. 

Published Winter 2015/16. Music by Benny Bettane.



Panji Bags in Telluride, Colorado
Published April 3, 2016


Durability Test #2 : The Rope Bag
There is nothing inside the case in this video.
We wanted to see if it would collapse at all under the weight.
Happy to say that The Rope Bag past Test #2 with flying colors!
Now it's time to put zipper and backpack straps on it...

Published February 21, 2016. Music by Ryan Post


Test Video #1 : The Busker Bag
Published February 19, 2016.
Music by Zoltan (60 second handpan challenge)

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