Flax only needs 100 days to grow while a tree needs 10 years before it can be harvested  •


Why have we chosen to use Flax fibers in our products? Well, for us it's an easy answer - for the looks and for its amazing properties. It grows fast, is renewable, requires no irrigation and produces zero waste. It is as pleasing to the eye as it is to the environment. It absorbs CO2 directly from the air through photosynthesis. This makes Flax a very sustainable material to work with when aiming to reduce our overall footprint creating new innovative consumer products. The Flax fibers themselves exhibits three times higher damping than carbon and fiberglass. It is said to have one of the highest stiffness to weight of all the natural fibers. Not to mention the gorgeous aesthetics of the Flax fiber - looking very similar to natural wood grain. Its versatility is increased by dyeing the Flax fibers to look like redwood, oak, maple etc. 

We couple the mineral Basalt with Flax linen fibers in our products, providing a unique combination of materials which lends incredible strength and endless possibility. In addition, we use a bio-resin, that are plant-based rather than derived from fossil fuels. These bio-based resins are considered 'living carbon' that are shared with, or derived from, the waste stream of other industrial processes.

flax fiber


Eco-friendly Properties:  Renewable source + CO2 negative + low environmental impact + zero waste

Protective Qualities:  Strong natural fiber + high vibration dampening + impact resistance

Mechanical Strengths:  Moldable to complex curves + high performance + lightweight

Final Product:  Natural composite + beautiful aesthetics + high quality 


Basalt + Flax (wood grain look)



Panji has 'patent pending' on this unique formula of combined materials.


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