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Panji Bags Creative Team : heART : Jyoti and Hansa


Our Vision

To provide hardshell bags to all adventurous handpan players out there,
while at the same time honor the planet which we are exploring.

Our Mission

To stay cutting edge with new innovations and eco-friendly solutions of 
ergonomic, durable, functional and comfortable hardshell bags!


Colorado Made__________________________________________________


We want to make a difference in the way our culture use merchandise, in the way we prioritize and make our choices, and the way we operate in the world. This goes from small to large. As a business, we want to make the least amount of footprint in our production processes and with the outcome of our products. What moves through our hands and out into the world, has to meet our quality standards, be functional and healthy for the body, be aesthetic and beautiful, but also kind to the planet!

We strive to be cutting edge when it comes to being eco-friendly, and will upgrade our products as we come across new materials and new eco-friendly solutions. We share the belief that each and every consumer puts power wherever they invest their money. We have the same type of power as a business. We try our best to source our materials and components as locally as possible, if not made in-house. We collect waste material (cardboard and paper) within our community and recycle what we can use in our products. We take pride in keeping the business local, and supporting other local businesses and artisans as much as we possibly can. And this is an aspect of our business that we hope to expand as we evolve. 

We hope to inspire others to make conscious choices, to think a few steps down the line, and to consider the impact each and every action may have. We want to make a difference. And that difference starts with you and me, and the choices we make.  

If you have any questions about our products, materials, vision - or just want to share your ideas - please never hesitate to reach out!


Jyoti & Hansa