The visionary couple behind this brand is Jyoti and Hansa Jacobs. We are two individuals that passionately care - about a lot of things. With a combined skillset to take on the task to start a new business, together we make Team Panji. Currently living and working in the Panji Shop, we dedicate almost every minute of our wakeful hours to Panji work. It is a labor of love, to say the least.

It is important to note that Panji would not be what it is today without the amazing support that we have received from the community. Individuals have stepped up to show their unconditional support, as well as the State of Colorado and the Town of Ridgway, who serve as a large cheerleading squad for Panji. These are all priceless assets that we do not take for granted, nor could have ever imagined would be part of the journey. For this, we are truly grateful. Also, a big shout out to the Handpan (and now Guitar) scene who keeps cheering us on to keep expanding what we do. This is what propels us forward in a lot of ways.

Our personal values are guiding stars in our business, as is the vow to be the best human beings we possibly can be - no matter what it takes to participate in the co-creation of a more sustainable and peaceful world. We believe we can inspire and make change.

Customer Service + Commitment + Innovation + Social Responsibility

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