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 I'm so glad Panji Bags exists! I've been playing handpans for 10 years and travelling with the instrument has always been stressful. After a bad experience where I was forced to check-in my PANArt Hang years ago, I promised myself never to do it again. But trying to find space in the cabin isn't any easier—especially with newer and larger handpans. With a Panji Bag, I can check-in my handpan like any other luggage and be confident it will be safe during the journey. Without it, I would have never been able to bring my new Boreal handpan on my European vacation in July. Thank you Panji Bags!

- Sylvain Paslier (www.sylvainpasliermusic.com)


This Panji bag is awesome. As heavy duty as the case is, when I'm wearing it, being designed as well as it is, it feels so light and easy to carry. I have a medium case with the back support system (highly recommended). Thank you team Panji  

- Peter Alexanian


Fantastic cases, and a pair of lovely people willing to go over and above to make sure your beloved instrument is carefully protected, even in the hold of an aircraft, comfortable to wear and hike with, and locally and sustainably made. Friendly, professional and responsive. Doesn't get much better  

- Dan Robbins


I've been meaning to write a little recap of my travels with my Panji Bags hardcase through 6 weeks traveling in Greece and Turkey, but time has eluded me until today. A cold, rainy, fall day has me indoors and has left me with the perfect opportunity... First of all, I must say that the case performed flawlessly. It was checked on 8 flights total, traveled with us on numerous buses, taxis, train rides, and even an international ferry and not once did I worry about the safety of my beloved CFoulke Celtic 8 being in the case. Out of 8 years of traveling with a pan, this is the first time I've ever felt comfortable enough with a case to check my pan on the plane. I found this incredibly easy compared to carrying it on, where I find myself worrying from the morning I wake up for my flight until I've reached my destination. There's too many variables. The questions running through my head are always..."Will one of the check in people make me check the pan (in it's inadequate soft case)?", "What if the gate attendant notices my pan is too big for carry on requirements?", "Will someone jam their oversized carry on into the overhead compartment in with my pan and smash it?", "What if there is no room in the overhead and I'm forced to gate check?". Fortunately, none of these scenarios happened over the years, but there were a few close calls. Of course, there's a likelihood of loss when you're checking bags, but the reality is that lost luggage rarely happens and, if it is lost, it often makes it back in your hands within a few days. My pan is insured in case a worst case scenario like that ever happened. The Panji Bag is so tough that I never worried about its safety after watching it go down the luggage belt when checking in. It was a huge piece of mind for me. On top of that, I never had to worry about it when taxi drivers quickly took the pan from my hands and jammed it in with the rest of our luggage in the trunk of the taxi or when our shuttle driver piled it underneath other people's luggage in an overstuffed trip from Ayvalik to Izmir. Simply put... it was safe ALL. THE. TIME. As a traveling musician, this makes me very happy. When the time comes that I need to fly with two pans again, I'll surely be buying another to fit my Halo. In addition, I find it incredibly comfortable to wear on my back for long stretches of time, despite the added weight (it is a heavy case). I wanted a flight case for years. I weighed all my options, including all the bags/cases on the Handpan market. I checked into pelican cases and thought about getting custom ata cases made. In the end, I'm really happy I had this Panji bag made. Hansa and Jyoti have been amazing every step of the way and they're very supportive of the Handpan community also. Also, just to add... these are my own words from my own experiences. There's no endorsements, no sponsorships. Just a happy customer, happy Handpan, and a top quality case.

- Jeremy Arndt (www.jeremyarndt.com


Jyoti and Hansa were extremely responsive throughout the entire custom design process and I ended up with a bombproof case that gets tons of comments as I wear it around. Couldn't be happier. Thanks Panji Bags!

- Peter Szameitat


Jyoti & Hansa - Thank you so much! I received my Panji Bag and RAV Drum a few days ago. I love them! The bag is great, handy and offers a very good protection for the drum. And the drum: the sound is so amazing! I am discovering a new universe of music, and I am proud to have contributed to your beautiful mission.

- Lionel Senéterre, 'a very happy client'


Panji Bags are incredible handcrafted pieces of art that not only professionally protect your handpan, but also become as loved and valued as your pan. Hansa and Jyoti eagerly work with their local community to support other local artists and businesses to truly be a sustainable business within the community as well as the earth with their eco-friendly building process for each bag. Every bag is unique and made with excellent quality. If you spend the time and money to invest in a handpan, I would highly recommend buying a Panji Bag to ensure that your drum is always highly protected and complimented by such a masterpiece of a Hardcase.

- Ben Wilson


Both I and my RAV love our Panji Bag! Hansa and Jyoti were great to work with in selecting and designing a special bag for me, with custom artwork and my favorite color (purple). The bag is truly a work of art - I display it on a special wooden rack next to my RAV, and love looking at it. It is a great way to take RAV on the road, gently cradles the RAV and protects it from injury. Just love the bag - and the very professional craftsmanship that went into it.  

I think you have some very loyal fans! Your bags are great! 

- Diana Kuklinski