What does the Panji warranty cover?

The Panji warranty covers any manufacturer defects - but not regular ware and tare, or physical damage to the case. We make sure that each hardcase goes out the door in prime condition, however, if you have issues with zippers, handles, backpack unit, hinge, buckles or latches, please let us know. We know that airlines can be extremely rough on luggage, which is why we make our cases as durable as possible. However, we still recommend getting your cases and instruments insured for travels. There is simply no guarantee how your case is going to be handled while in transit. 

We offer an unlimited warranty on any manufacturer defect, but we can’t cover the repair of physical damage to a case. No matter what, we will make an effort to help you get a damaged case fixed if needed.

Please contact hansa@panjibags.com for an assessment of your case.

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