The Fiber Composite Bag is our latest invention of eco-friendly hardshell bags - AND it is flightworthy! It has become the backbone of our product line and is our favorite offering. The hardshell is made of a unique blend of recycled cardboard and paper, plus bio-resin and Line-X. Your Handpan sits in a cushion of memory foam (you can also choose an eco-friendly 100% natural latex foam). The regular memory foam is lighter weight, plus some people are allergic to latex, however the latex foam is the eco-friendly option. The choice is yours! No matter which foam you choose, it comes covered with a foam cover that has been repurposed from thrifted textiles.

    This is a hardshell bag with strong integrity and rigidity. It is healthy for your spine with its ergonomic ridge-back design - and comfortable to use. It is functional and protective, both for you and your Handpan!


    We offer certain add-ons for your Fiber Composite Bag purchase, which gives you a better price than buying each item separately. So take a moment to really get a sense of what you will need in terms of features for your bag. The items that we recommend purchasing together with the Fiber Composite Bag are: the Backpack Support System - or - the Basic Shoulder Straps. We will mount the Backpack System that you choose, which includes drilling into the bag to set it all up for you. If you would change your mind, down the line, and want to change your Backpack System, it would require plugging and drilling to set it up.

    So, take the extra moment to think about what you will use the most. We always recommend the full Backpack Support System, both because you get a better price buying the combo deal, but also because you don't have to install it yourself (we will do it for you!), PLUS it is super comfy and good for your back.




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