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    RAV DRUM : A RUS (RAV Universal Scale)
    (A2) C3 E3 G3 A3 B3 C4 D4 E4

    The A RUS is a RAV VAST with thinner steel (1.5mm instead of 2mm), which makes it a bit more percussive.

    We highly recommend listening to the videos with headphones.


    This mystical amazing instrument is made by Andrey Remyannikov and his team in Russia. It is a hybrid Handpan/Tongue Drum, which has an absolutely unique resonance and sound. For beginners and experienced players alike, this instrument takes you places! We have a few RAV drums in stock at the Panji Shop, but can source any RAV Drum scale you would like, to include in a combo deal with a Panji Bag.

    This instrument is very special in regards to its sound technology with up to 6 harmonics on each tongue. There are 7 harmonics on the central note of the drum. This is very unique as you can also isolate certain harmonics to create depth and endless dynamic. The differences between the two RAV drum models are the thickness of steal and the possible overtones. RAV VAST 2 is made from thicker steel and it's approximately 15% louder than a RAV VAST, but has a bit less overtones. Both models has a long and beautiful sustain. The reason behind the two different models is due to what scales are applicable to the certain thicknesses of metal.


            • FLIGHT WORTHY
              YES our hardcases are flightworthy! Our cases are incredibly strong and will protect your instrument through thick and thin.

            • FOAM INSERT
              Inside the case, your RAV Drum is cradled in a customized protective cushion of foam. 

            • THE SLIM MODEL
              This hardcase is intended for RAV drums and the like. It is carried like a briefcase or with Basic Shoulder Straps. The shell is made of a unique blend of recycled cardboard and paper products, plus Eco-Poxy and Line-X.

            • We mount the shoulder straps onto your case before it leaves the shop, which includes drilling into the case. So, take the extra moment to think about what you will use the most - a hand-held case or a backpack.


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